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Tea Classifications

Puerh tea falls into two different categories based on the processing methods after harvest.

Fresh (shengchá) raw / green Puerh tea

Aged (shúchá) oxidized / black Puerh tea

Most people are surprised to learn that all tea comes from the same plant. Tea is classified into the different categories such as “green” or “black” tea only based the processing of the leaves after harvest.

Green tea: Leaves are sun-dried, not fermented and retain natural color

Black tea: Leaves are roasted, fully fermented, and produce a darker tea

Wulong tea: Leaves are partially fermented, categorized as half way between green and black teas.

Tisane: Mixtures of fragrant flowers and/or herbs.

Healthy Puerh Tea is proud to offer both

fresh and aged Puerh teas.

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